The municipality is formed: Bisaurri, Aras, Gabás, Renanué, San Martin de Veri, Urmella, San Feliu de Veri and San Valero. It is a typical village in the Pyrenees, where its people and its landscapes are the main qualities of character whose buildings are popular.

Places of interest

flechaHome "el Siñó" in Bisaurri
flechaRenanué Parish Church, S. XII
flechaMonasterio de los Santos Justo y  Pastor, S. XI, in Urmella.

Information of interest

flechaOn August 31 they celebrate the festival of the people, in honor of San Ramón Nonato. A year earlier, according to tradition and the beginning of the holidays, are chosen to be stewards next year will be those who prepare and to welcome visitors in those days



Divided by the N-260 in two areas, is situated on the southern slope of the Coll de Fadas, 136 km from Huesca


Ayuntamiento de Bisaurri

  Calle Albasini, S/N
   Tel. 974 553 100