Municipality consists of Sopeira, and Pallerol Santorens.
Soperira houses still preserved in traditional architecture, but if there is anything that stands out in this town above all else, is the Monastery of Santa Maria de Alaón, which currently retain his church and remains of what they sense is the faculty and some outbuildings.

Places of interest

flechaMonasterio de Alaón, S. XI
flechaErmita de Nuestra Señora de Rocamora, S. XII, Aulet
flechaErmita románica de Torm en Santorens
flechaIglesia de San Ramón, S. XII, Pallerol
flechaPresa de Escales

Information of interest

flechaCelebrates its 7 to May 9 in honor of San Gregorio, a procession.
flechaOn December 18, celebrated their festivals in honor of Our Lady of the O.



Municipality located in the eastern fringe of the Ribagorza Lleida bordering the banks of the Noguera-Ribagorzana.
The beauty of the surrounding environment, with the gorges of scale and prey of the same name a few yards makes it a must-see destination

Ayuntamiento de Sopeira

  Calle La Iglesia.
   Tel. 974 542 220