The township of Capella, which are also Laguarres and Pociello. Capella opens doors Isábena Valley, is on the right bank of the river, on a mound that turns its steep narrow streets, highlighting the top parish church with its Romanesque portal of s. XII. But if there is something in Capella to eclipse all the curiosity is, undoubtedly saving his Roman bridge Isábena River, with seven eyes and S. XII.

Places of interest

flechaHome Romanesque parish church of Capella, S. XII
flechaRomanesque Bridge, S. XII
flechaChurch of the Assumption of Laguarres, S. XVI
flechaErmita de Nuestra Señora del Llano, S. XII, Laguarres

Information of interest

flechaFiestas in honor of Santo Cristo on the last Sunday of August. The pastor who is on Thursday night deserves special attention because it is one of the few pastors who are represented in Aragon.
flechaOn January 20, bonfires are held in San Sebastian.




Located in the Valley Isábena 86 km from Huesca, on the side of a small clearing on the right bank of the river Isábena, 5 km from Graus


Ayuntamiento de Capella

  Plaza Mayor, 2.
   Tel. 974 540 305