Ribagorza is Culture

La Ribagorza has seen the path taken by humanity in the last 80,000 years, and even before, when dinosaurs inhabited the mountains. Its geographical isolation and their condition border in the northeast corner of Aragon, led to its ruralization and poor demographics, but also the consolidation of some historical and cultural features visible today in its traditions, festivals and languages. The traces of this unique and exceptional history can also be followed in their cultural heritage.

From the Roman presence in the city of Labitolosa, one of the most interesting archaeological finds throughout Aragon, the Spanish smallest village with cathedral, the medieval fantasy of Roda. From the fossil footprints of dinosaurs in Arén to the imprint by the Lombard Romanesque monuments or landmarks as Obarra or Fantova. From the magic of the medieval village of Montañana to the new architecture and spirituality of the shrine of Torreciudad or Panillo lamasery.