Laspaúles part of the municipality, Denuy, Llaguno Ardanué, Neril, Suils, Villaplana, Alins, Villarué, Abella, thick, thick Alto, Rins y Arcas. Laspaúles is perhaps one of the municipalities of greater height that is in our region. This has contributed to the architecture of the municipality. From this point, in addition, the views are breathtaking.

Places of interest

flechaTheme of the Witches
flechaExhibition of liturgical
flechaFlour mill
flechaErmita de Santa Llusía
flechaChurch of San Esteban, s. XII, in Villarrué

Information of interest

flechaThe festivities take place the last Sunday of August.
flechaThe first weekend of the month, biannually, is celebrated The Consell de Laspauls, a play based on some original manuscripts of the year 1593.



Laspaúles Township stretches along the headwaters to the start of Isábena Obarra gorge. Is between Fadas Coll and Coll de Espina, surrounded by meadows, on the right bank of the river Isábena.
Is linked by the N-260 with the Valley of the Noguera-Ribagorzana and Esera Valley.


Ayuntamiento de Laspaules

  Plaza Gil Sastre.
   Tel. 974 553 141
   Callejero de Laspaúles