The municipality consists of the following centers: Bonansa, CIRES, Gabarret, Bibile, Buira, Buira Espolla and Tower.
Bonansa have a quiet core classical typology, highlighting among its old houses, which are at the Square, the birthplace of the politician Joaquin Maurin.

Places of interest

flechaErmita de San Aventín, S. XI, in Bonansa
flechaErmita de San Bartolomé, s. XII, in Cirés

Information of interest

flechaOn August 15 celebrates its festival in honor of the Virgin of the Assumption.



Located in the port of Bonansa, magnificent vantage point on the upper river valley Isábena. Graus output on the local road, continue along the A-1605 for 3.7 km, follow the road (A-1605) 889 m, continue on the A-1605 45.3 km


Ayuntamiento de Bonansa

  Calle Alta, 3.
   Tel. 974 554 009