This discipline includes several types of powered aircraft of extremely light, with no more than two seats for passengers and generally do not exceed speeds of 65 km / hour. The airfield El Raso, in Castejon de Sos, has become one of the most popular of Aragon for the practice of microlight. It has a grass runway of 500 meters long, hangars and other services.

The great beauty of its natural environment makes it the ideal starting point for mountain flying practice. Its excellent location near the border, allows to reach soon the famous golf Peyresourde flight, the only altipuerto of the Pyrenees, located on the French side. Benabarre airfield has a runway of 800 meters asphalt and excellent flying conditions, which can accommodate both recreational ultralight aircraft as flying airplanes and sports.

Where I can practice?

    • Campo de vuelo El Raso de Castejón de Sos
    • Aeródromo de Benabarre, en la carretera a Estopiñán.



The great beauty of La Ribagorza makes it the ideal starting point for the practice of mountain flying.