Obarra gorge

The gorge is a overwhelming Obarra and narrow gorge that runs between the towns of Veracruz and Laspaúles with large vertical walls that guide the river Isábena. The limestone, worn by the passage of water over the years, has been shaping landscape in several interesting sections where the narrowness of the channel achieved unimaginable, unlikely to let in the sunlight to the bottom, with numerous small pools, waterfalls conducive different sizes, creating a landscape of great beauty.

The gorge of Obarra is also a good place to see birds like the red rocker or choughs. In the nearby forests of beech, oak and pine trees can be spotted various birds. This is an area of special interest because of its extraordinary landscape which combine water, rock, vegetation and fauna. We can go on the road that directs to the monastery of Obarra, direction Bonansa.