Walk around the reservoir Eriste

Esera River has generated over the years different lifestyles and forms of enjoyment thereof, along a pleasant walk will show this change, the result of an undisputed star: Linsoles reservoir.

Linsoles The reservoir is located in the town of Eriste, at 1118 meters altitude. The weather can change at any time in the season where we are and may need to be equipped with hats, coats ... The walk runs along a large water reservoir that was formed artificially, closing the mouth of the valley by a dam, and in which are stored Esera river to produce electricity. Along the way find the perfect place to find some plant species typical of the shores and wetlands, enjoy the songs and flights Linsoles birds (sandpipers, titmice, common plane ...) or take a few years in view back and imagine how people lived in the area. In addition, you will see the pier from which you can practice different forms of water sports. If you're alone, you can ride a canoe, but if you are a few, you can choose from canoeing or boat.