Ermita de San Román de Castro

Cultural Interest

Single-nave church (24 meters long and 9 meters wide) rectangular and semicircular apse. It is covered with a barrel vault divided by arches that rest on pillars attached to the walls, decorated with a checkered fascia. The semicircular apse is covered with quarter-sphere dome. It flared open three windows adorned with four archivolts straight profile, the external capitals on floral styling simple two, one with several characters and one with a man opening the jaws of an animal. Outside the apse appears lively with bands and arches of Lombard tradition, on which rides a checkerboard trim.

The entrance door, located on the feet and simple open arch, was subsequently renewed, but the key was kept in the original crismón. On the walls are reinforced by buttresses that correspond to the supports of the arches of the interior.

In the part of the choir loft there on foot arch. The floor is wood and is one of the most valuable examples of Gothic-Mudejar woodwork in Aragon. Dated to the late s. Thirteenth or early fourteenth stands on a beam system, which excels with prows carved and painted on the front and back wall to a girder on multicolored shoes also made ​​by a system of beams and panels and equipped with a beautiful railing . On the subject of such varied topics are: heads of monsters in bows and sides of shoes, human faces on the front, fantastic animals on the sides of the bows with stylized flora and Arabic letters and heraldic motifs of the house of Castro and geometrical drawings adorn the skirts of the main girders.





Well of Cultural Interest

Accessible by car and 200. walking


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