Cathedral of San Vicente de Roda


Cultural Interest since 1924.

It is considered the oldest cathedral in Aragon and the smallest of the Spanish territory. Episcopal was Ribagorzana from the middle of SX in the mid twelfth century, playing an important role in organizing Ribagorzana County, retained the rank of cathedral chapter to the early collegiate S. XIX.

Church consists of a basilica with three naves parallel cloister vaults, rooms and other units of the Chapter. The most interesting addition to the header and the southern gate of large archivolts is the Senate, organizing element of the whole.

Began to be built on 956 years when it opened early and takes the cathedral to the posterior elements of the XVIII century Baroque period, although his style is the most remarkable Romanesque from the first manifestations in the country. Cathedral Museum opened in 1988.




Guided tours: 11:15 h, 12:30 h, 13:30 h, 16:30 h, 17:30 h

In addition, from June 1st to September 30th , at 18:30 h

For more information call to the phone: 974 544 535 or 616 378 116

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