Cave paintings

Remosillo cave paintings are in the middle gorge, about 20 feet above the riverbed Esera, at gunpoint from the dam reservoir Barasona, to the junction of the road leading to the population of Olvena. Access to the paintings is complicated because you have that are on the right bank of the River Esera and in times of flood is impossible to cross a river.


The rupestrian group, part of Schematic Art offers five very distinct panels along a rocky ledge, from which the top two have certain characteristics somewhat anomalous. One of them, executed some graphics features aimed toward naturalism, especially in regard to the figures of animals, has a strong sense of conceptual and abstract, which is a rather strange circumstances. Especially since the other panel, with a more formal appearance schematic, presents something like a scene with two trucks and various animals and humans, which gives you a descriptive character that does not fit at all with your schematic design


The cave paintings group, belonging to the Schematic Art, offers five very distinct panels along a rocky ledge

Pinturas rupestres remonsillo