Ermita de la Virgen de Gracia de El Run

Romanesque chapel of S. XII

This is a single nave church with a semicircular facing east and a small tower positioned on the roof of the nave. The header and the first half of the ship would follow the tradition of Lombardy, and others in the area near the feet.

Both the apse as the first bay of the nave have property outside row of semicircular arches Lombard tradition, which alight on brackets truncated. This part of the building is separated from the back by a buttress.

Inside the head, separated from the nave by a semicircular arch, covered with quarter-sphere dome, while the ship does a barrel-vaulted arches reinforced by three pointed profile, one very close to the feet and the other two located on both ends of the tower. These arcs appear to have been added later in the s. XIII-XIV, not only for his pointing, but because one of them partially cover one of the original double recessed windows located on the south wall.

The tower has relationships with the churches in the valley of Boi is square and covered with tile hipped.




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Ermita Virgen de Gracia